I have been using Quiesta’s, Memory Flake Pillow, Memory Foam Interior, Bamboo Fabric Case. This item was not given to us to review, or discounted and is a completely unbiased. The first thing that I noticed was the extremely pungent chemical smell, this is quite typical with memory foam however this was overwhelmingly strong. After around 48 hours left near the window to air out most of the odor had dispersed.

Although some people find shredded memory foam pillows to be comfortably, personally I do not. I find that I get extremely overheated as the memory foam isn’t able to breath.


The curiosity got the best of me and I opened up the entire pillow, I was horrified to discover that they pillow was not filled as advertised. The pieces of memory foam looked like normal foam with had been recycled from other products (The different colours of foam made me think this). One of the initial reasons I opened up the pillow was because I felt that the pillow was overstuffed, even though it had softened slightly over time.


Overall I did find it quite difficult to sleep with this pillow, I found myself getting overheated and swapping pillows in the middle of the night. Resulting in several nights of disturbed sleep and lord knows I need my self.
After using this pillow for three weeks, I have returned it. It was not comfortable and