I have purchased Hotel Comfort’s bamboo covered memory foam pillow – King. I like in the UK and may I say that this way quiet a difficult to get my hands on. Hotel Comfort is a US brand who mainly would with resellers, their support is practically non existent  in the UK. I know this because I had to email 4 different companies to get the answer I was looking for regarding the bamboo fibre.

Overall this pillow was performing well in the first week of use, however I have started to notice that the memory foam is already starting to ‘dip’. This is leading me to believe that this is not made of the highest quality materials, typically it takes at least 3-4 months until the memory foam starts decreasing.

After looking online I noticed that there were around 7 different brands (that I found) who have identical products. This is the second private label bamboo pillow that I am ware of so far. It does bring a lot of uncertainty to the company in my opinion, as it suggests that they are not confident to bring something unique to the market. That is a huge factor for me personally, of course I want a pillow that is comfortable, cost efficient and organic however being unique can really be a game changer.

I purchased their ‘King’ sized pillow, however it fit perfectly into my regular sized pillow case and did not seem to be any larger in comparison to my other pillows. I do slightly feel mis-advertised from this company due to this factor.

Overall this pillow is very basic and does the job, I didn’t find the memory foam too hard and there were no chemical-like smells to the product.