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Initially I was a little hesitant of purchasing this pillow, purely because the company is fairly new and I didn’t want to be too harsh on a new product. I like to review products that have been around for a while to give the company time to “iron out the creases” if you will.

However to my surprise, this specific pillow by Panda Life ltd genuinely surprised me. It is one of the highest ranked bamboo pillows online and I have a couple friends who have mentioned this company previously.

As most of you know, I am a side sleeper and this was perfect for me. It really supported my neck during the night and I didn’t have to swap pillows!

I purchased the pillow on Amazon when it was on sale from £49.99 to £35.99. I must say the quality for money is amazing compared to some of the other products which I have tried out in the past. The pillow is made up of 3 layered, single cuts of memory foam (I checked), this is extremely supportive during the night. Of course I cut open the pillow and I noticed that the memory foam itself had a variety of smaller and larger wholes.


I was a little confused, so I contacted their customer support (who have a live chat on their website, great service!). The lady I spoke with informed me that these are air pockets, designed in and around the pillows to help it breath. Where the pillow has three layers of memory foam, the air pockets allow it to stay cooler. Without them the pillow would make you feel overheated (which is correct as I have noticed this with the XXX pillow). This amazingly design pillow alongside the bamboo cover work perfectly together, and as of this post is my current go to pillow.


Just a side note, they also donate $1 for every pillow purchased to the WWF, how awesome is that?!

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