As many of you know, I prefer to try out pillows for at least a week before writing a review. However with this product, I’m saddened to say I simply cannot. I found this bamboo pillow on amazon, it was featured on the first page so i thought that it wouldn’t be as bad as this. Yes, I ignored all of the reviews and gave them the benefit of the doubt.

I know memory foam very well and I fully understand that it does get softer as time goes on, it’s normal for the pillow to feel quite dense. However this is by far the most hardest pillow that I have ever tried in my life, I genuinely found it difficult to get comfortable let alone sleep. When you lean on the pillow, it doesn’t move at all, it’s literally like laying on concrete.


The bamboo cover is very standard and does not have any unique properties to it, I guess that is what you can expect for a pillow at this price. This is a short review, I typically like to go into the fine details but I had to return the item 2 days after use.
I would recommend staying away from this product if you enjoy sleeping.