I purchased this pillow directly from Feel My Bamboo’s website, I had not heard much about them prior my purchase. I saw that a few people were talking highly of them in a forum and thought I would give it a try.

Firstly, before I get into the pillow review this company really need to update their website. It took me over an hour to place an order online! I did have a few issues with the delivery, the website informed me that it would arrive within 2-3 working day. However it did not, I reached out to the company to enquire about my order and I did not hear anything back for 6 days! By this time the pillow had already arrived, this was not a good start.

The product itself is pretty standard, this pillow is not memory foam therefore I was not completely satisfied and comfortable. However I would say that it is definitely a “Bog-Standard” product. I do believe that this is another private label product, so if you’re looking for a trusted brand, personally I would not rely on them. Compared to some of my other pillows, I did notice that this product was quite dense and heavy (I purchased the king size) compared to some of my large memory foam pillows weighing in at a whopping 2.35kg.
I noticed that the bamboo material was very soft and cooling (as it should be). Personally I have no issue with the cover, there was no chemical or dirty smell to it at all.

I have been using this product for around a week now and as mentioned previously it is very standard. There is nothing tremendously unique about this product or brand. Most trusted pillow companies that I have heard of offer at least a 30 night home trial, these did not. Therefore I would recommend going to a company where you can at least try the product first as bamboo pillows are typically not cheap and when investing in a product like this, it’s good to know that if it’s not for you then you can return it.