The first pillow that we are looking at is Homscape’s Bamboo Pillow. Designed specifically for side-sleepers, so we put this to the test. We took 3 different people to try out this pillow.

I found that this pillow was comfortable and perfect for a side sleeper like myself, however I would say the pillow is quite high and at times was uncomfortable in the night. I have used a variety of different bamboo linens and I could tell instantly that this is not 100% bamboo, the pillowcase is in-fact 60% organically grown bamboo and 40% cotton.


When I first opened my Homespace Bamboo Pillow, I noticed that there was a slight chemical-like smell which did turn me off. However after a day or two the smell was completely gone.

Packaging & Branding

I do like the materials used for the packaging however the images aren’t great.